For the week of March 16, 2019

Shabbat Zachor – “Sabbath of Remembering”

Torah: Deu 25:17-19
Haftarah: 1Sa 15:2-34
Commentary: Shabbat Zachor (PDF, 175 KB)

The second of the four special Shabbats, this is the Shabbat immediately before Purim. The name derives from the addition Torah parashah added to the readings (Deut 25:17–19) which commands that Israel remember what Amalek did to them when they came out of Egypt. Since Haman was a direct descendant of Agag, the king of the Amalikites, the commandment is fulfilled in the celebration of Purim in which the name of Haman is drowned out during the reading of the Megilah, the book of Esther.

One Year Torah Reading Cycle

Vayikra - and He called -

Torah: Lev 1:1-6:7[5:26]
Haftarah: Is 43:21-44:23
Apostolic: Heb 10:1-18

Lev 1:1-2:16 – PDF / ePub / MOBI
Lev 3:1-17 – PDF / ePub
Lev 4:1-35 – PDF / ePub / MOBI
Lev 5:1-19 – PDF / ePub / MOBI
Lev 6:1-11(E), Lev 5:20-6:4(H) – PDF / ePub / MOBI

Three Year Torah Reading Cycle

Parashah 24

Torah: Gen 26:12-35
Haftarah: Is 65:23-66:8
Apostolic: Rom 9:6-18

Parashah 24 – PDF / ePub / MOBI