The Torah: Divine Invitation or Covenant Obligation?


Covenant Members

What Does This Mean for You?

The New Covenant is the Torah written on the heart. This effects believers in huge ways including the covenant obligations we now have. It seems like the covenant obligations should apply to every covenant member.  Tim Hegg tackles this topic by going straight to the Word of God, showing what God requires within covenant relationship, and most of all, what this means for you.

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Invited or Obligated? 

The Role of Torah in the Life of a Believer

This series answers the question, if those who attach themselves to the “Olive Tree” (Romans 11) are covenant members, it seems like the Torah would be part of the covenant obligation. Tim Hegg investigates covenants from a Biblical perspective, looking at:

• God’s covenant relationship with believers


• Covenant Obligations


• The New Covenant and the Torah


• Covenant identity for Gentiles


In this package:

One DVD with the audio lecture put to Tim’s Keynote slides. There is no video of the lecture itself.

A small booklet with Tim’s notes

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