The Exodus Gospel


Salvation in Antiquity

Seeing Our Story in the Exodus

In this captivating series, Ariel Bekowitz shows how people before Yeshua saw salvation. Looking at the Exodus from Egypt as a model, Ariel gives a wonderful look at each of our personal salvation stories wrapped up in the Exodus. As a result, the Messiah Yeshua comes into full focus in one of the greatest historical stories ever told.


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The Gospel and the Exodus

Finding Our Personal Story in the Exodus

In this fascinating series, Ariel Berkowitz mixes his love of history with his love of the Torah, resulting in a wonderful new perspective on the Exodus from Egypt. Ariel shows the Exodus to be one of the greatest historical events ever to take place. In addition, he show the Exodus to be a prophecy of each believers salvation story.

• Looking at the Exodus and its history


• Understanding how people understood the Gospel before Yeshua came


• Finding our own personal salvation story in the pages of the book of Exodus



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