Studies in Early Judaisms


A Historical Lens 

Recently, scholars have moved away from using the rabbinic literature such as the Talmud and Mishnah, to inform our understanding of the New Testament. This shift has come from a more honest perspective on the rabbinic work. This series surveys the historical and theological landscape of the first century to understand why the rabbinical work should not be read back into the Gospels.



First Century Context

The landscape of first century Judaism is a focus of biblical studies. Things such as the place of Circumcision and Oral Law shape our understanding of the Gospels. In this joint teaching, Rob Vanhoff and Tim Hegg explore the historical landscape of the first century, and how it impacts our study today. Especially relevant is the focus of the historical lens we look through. In addition, the language found within first century literature can shed light on the text of the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament). This series will challenge and inform your studies in early Judaism.


• Oral Torah and the First Century


• The place of Mishnah in Pauline studies


• An investigation into first century circumcision and its significance


• Looking at how the Apostles would have been received



Six video sessions in MOV format (computer, tablet, phone) not for a DVD player. Audio in MP3 format.


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