Oral Torah and the Messianic Believer


Divine Authority? 

What role does the rabbinic writings play in the life of a believer? Do they inform us about the first century? This series looks at the Rabbinic writings and their usefulness along with some of the errors some believers have made in using them.


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Rabbinic Law

In this thought provoking series, Tim Hegg challenges the traditional views of Jewish “Oral Torah.” Tim suggests that the Oral Torah is a later invention, and does not hold any divine authority. Tim also looks at some of the similarities between the stories found in the Gospels and the stories within the Oral Torah, and suggests the rabbinical works are responding to Yeshua and the Apostles.


• Challenging traditional views of Oral Torah


• A look at the Gospels and the Rabbinic response


• Dating the Mishnah and the Talmuds



Two lectures on DVD. Both lectures also come in MP3 format as a direct download upon purchase.

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