My Big Fat Greek Mindset


A Different View

A person’s worldview can shape politics, personal and family views, and much more. It also influences the way we read the Bible and walk out our faith. Imagine the difference between a modern day westerners view of life compared to a first century middle eastern view of life. Each perspective might interpret the same words of the Bible in a totally different light.

New Glasses

This lecture series focuses on the worldview of first century Judaism, giving you a new pair of “glasses” to view the Scriptures through. With just a bit of historical and theological background to first century Judaism, the Scriptures open up in totally new ways.

• Learn the difference between a Hebrew and Greek worldview


• Explore the faith and background of first century Judaism


• Get inside the minds of the New Testament writers


• See your faith in a new light.

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A Biblical Worldview

Greek VS Hebrew Mindset

In this seminar, Tim Hegg gives six lectures showing the difference between a Hebrew and Greek worldview and the way both might impact our view of God and the Bible. These lectures focus on the Hebrew thought of the first century resulting in a fresh perspective on the Word. Hegg investigates how first century Judaism would affect the way writers of the New Testament communicate their meaning and how their readers would understand what they wrote. Hegg then shows how a western culture and worldview influence our reading of the Scriptures. Lectures range in time from thirty-nine minutes to an hour and eighteen minutes, with a total running time of six hours and eight minutes!

Hard Copy

Six audio lectures in MP3 format on a single CD.

30 page lecture notes spiral bound

Direct Download

Six audio lectures in MP3 format as a direct download for instant listening

30 page lecture notes in searchable PDF format available upon purchase.

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