Introduction to the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible


The Masorah

How has the Tanach (Old Testament) been transmitted for thousands of years, yet remained so the same? The answer is the scribes. The standards of Jewish scribes throughout the centuries is legendary. But how much should these scribes be trusted? This study is a fascinating look at the scribal methods and traditions and the notes of the scribes (Masorah) that preserved and transmitted the Tanach through the ages.


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The Masoretic Notes

The standardized scribal edition of the Hebrew Scriptures and their notes within the margins are a field of study unto their own. In this teaching series Tim Hegg gives a history and a basic working knowledge of the Masorah. The book for this series is currently being used in some Universities to teach Bible/Hebrew students about this field of study.


• Overview of the history of scribal pointing


• A look at some famous manuscripts


• Changes to the text



50 page spiral bound work book for visual reference. This workbook also comes in searchable PDF for easy reference. 6 audio lectures in MP3 format to listen at home or on the go.


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1 review for Introduction to the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible

  1. Harold Scanlin

    “I recently purchased a copy of your new The Masorah of the Hebrew Bible. It’s a very nice, concise, introduction that can be used as a tool to introduce students of Hebrew Bible exegesis and textual criticism to masorah. I expect to be offering a seminary level course in textual criticism and will use your presentation for the class.” (Harold Scanlin, Consultant on Scholarly Editions, United Bible Society)

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