The Bible – Our Final Authority


The Foundation

The formation of our Bible

The Bible we carry every day is the foundation of our life, and with many attempting to discredit the Word of God it is important for believers to be prepared to give strong answers. Knowing the history and canonization of the 66 books of Scripture is important not only for our own faith and understanding, but for those we interact with.


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History of the Word

These lectures show the history and formation of the Canon of Scripture. Caleb Hegg takes his audience through some of the great stories of manuscript history, resulting in a fun and informative series. It is important for believers to know why the books of the Bible are in the Canon, and The Bible – Our Final Authority gives a solid understanding of the Canon.

What’s Covered?

This three part video series looks at the formation and the people involved in bringing the Word of God into the modern era.

• Non Scriptural witness to the historical accuracy of the Old Testament 


• Roman and historical witness to the life of Yeshua


• Prophecy and its fulfillment in the Bible 


• Various ancient manuscripts, where did they come from? Where did we get them?


• The people who wrote the Bible in English and died doing so. 

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