An Assessment of the “Divine Invitation” Teaching


Sanctification in the Body of Messiah

Does God Sanctify us Differently?

Many have questioned how God sanctifies His chosen. Are the physical descendants of Jacob given different commands than Gentile believers? How would this work if we are all one family? Tim Hegg looks at a new teaching that has been titled “Divine Invitation,” which suggests the Jewish people are commanded to keep Torah while Gentile believers are invited but not obligated to do so.


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A New Proposal

Divine Invitation… Is it Biblical?

In this 69 page article, Tim Hegg challenges theological proposal of Boaz Michael and D. Thomas Lancaster (FFOZ) who suggest the Jewish people are obligated to keep Torah, while Gentile believers are only invited to do so. Tim gives a strong case for One Torah theology, showing that the Torah gives one standard of obedience to the Jewish people as well as to the Gentile believers.

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• Concise scholarly arguments focusing on Scripture to support Tim’s views.


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