Principles of Greek Exegesis


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Rob Vanhoff, Instructor 

2 Qrt Hrs

A study of the methods and tools used for Greek exegesis of the Apostolic Scriptures. Selected texts from the Apostolic Scriptures, spanning the various genres, will be assigned in order to teach the student how the exegetical methods and tools are utilized in preparation for writing or teaching on the biblical text.

Prerequisites: Completion of Greek Grammar I–111 and at least 1 Qtr of Greek Syntax.

Course Requirements
  1. Complete weekly assignments
  2. Participate in a weekly online live class
  3. Complete final project/exam
Required Textbooks

Campbell, Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek (Zondervan)


Porter/Pitts, Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism (Eerdmans)
The Greek New Testament, United Bible Society, 4th or 5th Edition


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