Readings in Aramaic

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Rob Vanhoff, Instructor

2 Qrt Hrs 

This class surveys various dialects of this important ancient language, with selections taken from various 2nd Temple era, rabbinic, and early Syriac “Christian” sources. Our analysis will emphasize grammatical and syntactical, as well as historical and geographical, comparison of texts such as: Targumim, Peshitta Tanach/Apostolic Scriptures, Palestinian and Babylonian Talmudim (“gemara”), and more. Students will prepare assigned texts for mandatory, weekly live webinars. This course assumes competency in both Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic demonstrated by prior academic study or instructor permission.

Course Requirements
  1. Complete weekly assignments
  2. Participate in a weekly online class
  3. Complete your own translation
Required Textbooks

All readings are provided by the instructor