Theology Proper


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Tim Hegg, Instructor

3 Qtr Hrs

This course will cover the section of Systematic Theology traditionally labeled as “Theology Proper,” meaning we will study (1) arguments for the existence of God, (2) what the Bible teaches about the attributes of God, and (3) what the Bible teaches about the nature of the Godhead. Our study will be grounded in the Scriptures, but readings from a wide variety of non-biblical literature will give the student an appreciation for the many theological debates that have taken place over the issues related to Theology Proper.

Course Requirements
  1. Participation in class forums
  2. Completion of assigned reading
  3. Listen to class lectures
  4. Complete short essay quizzes
  5. Write term paper
Required Textbooks

Primary textbook: Hegg, Tim. God’s Self-Revelation: A Course in Theology Proper (TorahResource, 2012). Addition readings/articles will be supplied by the Instructor, including his own Textbook (all in pdf format. If the student wants a hardcopy of the Textbook, this can be purchased by Clicking Here). Beyond the Text- book, the required readings will be taken from a wide variety of authors, both Christian and rabbinic, modern and ancient.