Critical Issues for Torah Communities


Instructors: Tim Hegg & Rob Vanhoff

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Tim Hegg & Rob Vanhoff, Instructors

3 Qtr Hrs

This class will study a number of issues that Messianic communities face, seeking biblically based answers. 1) Community vs. Congregation, 2) Which Calendar Should We Follow?, 3) Rabbinic Tradition & the Messianic Community, 4) Assessing the Two-House Movement, 5) Jews & Gentiles in the body of Messiah: The Case for One Torah.

Course Requirements
  1. Participate in class forums
  2. Reading all materials assigned for each class
  3. Complete a final exam
Required Textbooks

There will not be a specific textbook required for this course. Any required readings will be provided by the instructor as the course progresses.