The Sacred Name: Escaping the Maze of Misinformation


It’s No Secret 

Today in many circles, the debate rages over how to pronounce the four letter name of God. Many seem to have become Hebrew scholars over night and are pushing specific pronunciations. But the evidence is not as cut and dry as many internet scholars would have you believe. This presentation looks at some of the more popular pronunciations of the Tetragrammaton to see if they hold up to historical and grammatical evidence.


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What’s in a Name?

Many within the Hebrew Roots movement have suggested that we must pronounce the name of God. This theology that has been titled the Sacred Name movement finds multiple pronunciations of the four letter name of God, depending on who you ask. In this lecture, Tim Hegg looks at the history of this debate, then goes directly to the Hebrew. Tim suggests the true pronunciation of the four letter name can not be known for certain.


• A history of the argument


• Looking at the Hebrew


• Scribal traditions



One lecture on DVD, Recorded in Manila Philippines 2016

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