Avoiding Junk Scholarship


Too Many Distractions

The Hebrew Roots and Messianic movements have been plagued with misinformation, bad scholarship and downright false information. Many who are coming to an understanding of Torah are hungry for the truth. This hard hitting presentation shows how to discern between the truth of the Scriptures and the tickling of ears by false teachers.


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Junk Scholarship

This might sound harsh, but to many people are basing their faith and spiritual life on junk they find on the internet. As believers we are called to test things to prove they are true and right. This solid presentation by Tim Hegg gives you tools to discern between truth and look past the flashy graphics and well edited videos.


• Identifying bad scholarship


• Telltale signs of pseudo-scholarship


• Tools to use when testing a teaching



This 1 hour and 12 minute presentation comes on DVD with an MP3 of the lecture as a Direct Download so you can listen on the go.

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