Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas (Booklet)


Believers and Christmas

A Search for Truth

Believers are constantly looking at ways to please and serve God. As a result, many have questioned the celebration of Christmas and its true origins. Some suggest this did not originate from the birth of Yeshua, but from a pagan holiday. Let’s look at the evidence we do have in order to better understand this debate.


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Why Not Celebrate? 

What’s Wrong With Yeshua’s Birth?

The celebration of Christmas has become a debate even among Christians, resulting in many moving away from celebrating this holiday. But does the evidence really point to a pagan holiday? What evidence do we have for pagan origins? Some have suggested good reasons why the Church chose this day to celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

• The first calendars to mention Christmas


• The debate within the reformers


• Suggestions on the origin of some of the traditional Christmas symbols

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