Our Created Universe


Science VS Creation

We are often told that science doesn’t fit a creation model. But this simply isn’t the case. This DVD is an eye opening adventure into the creation of our universe and how it actually matches up with science. Learn what you’re not being told about our solar system.




The debate continues to rage between creationists and evolutionists. Many claim science proves evolution to be the correct. In this groundbreaking series, former atheist/evolutionist turned believer/creationist, Spike Psarris, looks at the science with creation. As a result Spike argues creation to be the true scientific model. Spike’s informative look at our world and the solar system we live in, shows the wonderful hand of God on creation.


• Hundreds of breathtaking photos of our solar system


• Looking at science to prove creationism


• Showing what you aren’t being told about our solar system



DVD 1: Our Created Solar System

DVD 2: Our Created Stars & Galaxies

DVD 3: Our Created Universe

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All 3 Volumes, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3


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