Beginning Hebrew Grammar


A Virtual Classroom

Many people don’t have the time to or ability to go to a teacher and learn biblical Hebrew. That’s why TorahResource has brought the teacher to you. In this 30 part series, you will learn the basics of biblical Hebrew in a straight forward way, enabling you to get more out of your Bible study, and to understand the Biblical text in its original language.


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Learning Biblical Hebrew

Learning Biblical Hebrew is not an easy task. Every tool you can find to help you along the way is needed. That’s why this video series from TorahResource is a must have. Tim Hegg walks the student step by step through each chapter of the First Hebrew Primer (by EKS Publishing). Tim shows the student proper pronunciation, teaches the book form of the Hebrew letters and vowels for reading published materials,  and also teaches how to read and write the script form of the Hebrew letters for easier and faster writing of Hebrew words and sentences. This series is also used as part of the learning curriculum in TorahResource Institute’s Beginning Hebrew classes.


• Easy to follow


• Visual and audio tools for pronunciation


• Ability to see what the teacher writes for easy comprehension


• Utilizing one of the best biblical Hebrew text-books on the market today.



Media Format: 30 lectures in MOV format to easily play and transfer files on computer, tablet or smartphone. Audio MP3 CD with exercises for pronunciation and memorization.

DVD Format: 30 lectures on 17 DVD’s playable on your computer or in a DVD player. Perfect for class rooms, group study or for individual study. Audio MP3 CD with audio reading of exercises for pronunciation and memorization easily duplicated and transferable.


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