The Messiah: Intro to Christology – Class


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Tim Hegg, Instructor

3 Qrt Hrs

A study of the biblical doctrine of the Messiah, including the mystery of the Incarnation with emphasis upon the humanity and deity of Yeshua. Subjects include: the messianic expectation in late 2nd Temple Judaisms, messianic titles, virgin birth, and the early Christological debates in the emerging Christian Church. Significant texts in the Apostolic Scriptures are studied and analyzed.

Course Requirements
  1. Complete weekly reading assignments and quizzes
  2. Participate in class forum
  3. Write term paper
Required Textbooks

Tim Hegg, The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology (TR, 2006); collateral readings provided by the Instructor. [Please Note: a pdf file of the textbook will be made available to all students who enroll in the class.]



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