Messiah in the Tanach

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Teacher: Tim Hegg

Class Qrt Hrs: 3

Textbook: Tim Hegg, Messiah in the Tanach (TR, 2002) [Do not purchase this textbook as it will be provided for each student via pdf download]; additional collateral readings will also be provided by the Instructor (in pdf format).

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About This Class

A study of selected messianic texts of the Tanach with an emphasis upon understanding what the prophets foretold about His person and work. The Hebrew texts will be studied in parallel with the Lxx, Targumim, and rabbinic commentaries to offer further insights into the reception and interpretation of these texts within the Jewish communities of the late 2nd Temple period and emerging Rabbinic Judaism. The emphasis of the class will be to discern what the ancient Israelite prophets revealed about the person and work of the Messiah.

Grading: (these do not apply to students auditing the class)

• All students are required to do the weekly assignments, including (1) reading the assigned pages from the textbook, (2) listening to the weekly lecture, (3) interacting in the Class Forum, and (4) submitting short essay answers as noted in the weekly assignments.

• Students in the 2 or 3 year Certificate program will be required to write and submit a Term Paper on a subject relative to the course. The topic you choose must be approved by the Instructor. The Term paper should be 8-10 pages, or longer if needed.

• Grading: 1/3 = weekly assignments, 1/3 = Forum participation, 1/3 Term paper.


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