Geography of Biblical Lands


Teacher: Ariel Berkowitz

Class Qtr Hrs: 3

Textbook: Schlegel, William. Satellite Bible Atlas: Historical Geography of the Bible. 2013

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Course Description

A 10-week overview of the geography of the Land of Israel, particularly as it relates to the biblical narrative. In other places this same course might be known by other titles, such as “The Land of the Bible” or “Historical Geography of The Bible Lands.”  As a geography course, we will become acquainted with the land features, the climate, the roads, and the flora of ancient/biblical Israel. We will also make every attempt to relate Israel’s geographic features with events recorded in the Bible.

Course Objectives

         When finished with this course, the student should be able to:

1.      Have a good working knowledge of the geographical features of Israel.

2.      See how the major biblical stories and events are affected by the geography of the Land of Israel

3.       Learn the basics of map reading!

Course Textbook

Schlegel, William. Satellite Bible Atlas: Historical Geography of the Bible. 2013. We shall refer to this as “SBA.” You can purchase it at:

— Both the author and the one whose website I am sending you were my teachers in Biblical Geography.

Course Methods

         This course will be taught mostly through the recorded lecture method. The lectures will be enhanced with maps and other visual aids displayed on Power Point. We will also attempt to insert appropriate short video clips produced by Dr. Schlegel.

Please note that this course is a “visual” course. In essence, we are trying to bring Israel to you since it is too difficult for you to come to Israel! One implication of this is that this means that for this course to work best, I will be showing many things on Power Point. I will even show many of Schlegel maps on Power Point. Both pc and mac users can easily download Power Point. I am using Office 2011 for mac for Word and Power Point. You will need to have this on your computer.


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