Biblical Aramaic 1

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Teacher: Rob Vanhoff

Class Qtr Hrs: 2

Textbook: Basics of Biblical Aramaic by Miles V. Van Pelt

Class Requirements: Students who wish to take this class must have completed all three quarters of Beginning Biblical Hebrew.

Basics of Biblical Aramaic is a 2 quarter class at TorahResource Institute. This is the first of two installments. If a student completes both quarters they will have completed the Basics of Biblical Aramaic by Miles V. Van Pelt, and should have basic competency in biblical Aramaic. Students should be able to work within Aramaic texts and understand the basic grammar of the language.

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About This Class

This class utilizes three ways of interaction in order for students to understand the grammar of this language. The class focuses on reading in Aramaic texts of the Tanach, and students are expected to have a solid understanding of the Hebrew language. This course utilizes live online weekly classes through a conferencing software in which students can see and hear each student and the students can see and interact with their teacher and other participants. Students are also given occasional vocabulary quiz’s, and weekly reading assignments from various texts and from the class textbook, Basics of Biblical Aramaic by Miles V. Van Pelt.



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