Beginning Hebrew Grammar 1

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Teacher: Tim Hegg

Class Qtr Hrs: 2

Textbook: First Hebrew Primer by EKS Publishing

This class is required for 1, 2, and 3 year certificate programs.

Beginning Hebrew Grammar is a 3 quarter class at TorahResource Institute. This is the first of three installments. If a student completes all three quarters they will have completed the First Hebrew Primer by EKS publishing, and should have basic competency in biblical Hebrew. Students should be able to work within Hebrew texts of the Tanach, and understand the basic grammar of the language.

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About This Class

This class utilizes four ways of interaction in order to immerse our students in the biblical language. 1) Each student will participate in a weekly online live class. This class is done through a conferencing software in which students can see and hear each student and the students can see and interact with their teacher and other participants. 2) Each week students will watch a 30-60 minute video on the chapter they will be covering that week. 3) Students will read the chapter assigned each week from the First Hebrew Primer published by EKS. 4) Students will be required to complete weekly reading and audio assignments that are then uploaded and graded by the teacher.

What will be covered in this class:

    1. Introduction to Semitic Languages.
    2. Aleph-bet: Learning to read the “book form” and write the “script form” of 11 consonants.
    3. Learning to recognize and pronounce 3 vowels.

Live, online Class on Sunday, Sept 10, at 10:00am (Pacific Time). (The “Go-to-Meeting” link to join the live class is posted below.)

Participation in the Sunday morning, online live class, is mandatory.

You will need to have a microphone and earphones for your computer. It is also an added plus if you have a webcam (but a webcam is not absolutely necessary).


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