How We Got Our Bible

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Teacher: Tim Hegg

Class Qtr Hrs: 3

Textbook: Tim Hegg, How We Got Our Bible (TR, 2004) and Paul D. Wegner, The Journey from Texts to Translations (Baker, 1999)

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About This Class

This class will give an introduction to the formation of the Tanach and Apostolic Scriptures, including introductory matters of textual criticism, manuscript history, canonization, inspiration, and translation. The class will also survey the history of the English Bible.

Required Textbooks:

Tim Hegg, How We Got Our Bible (TR, 2004). Note: Even if you have purchased this from TorahResource in the past, please download the pdf file provided in the first class, which is the most current edition of How We Got Our Bible. I have fixed a few typos and made a few other minor corrections to the previously printed edition.

If you prefer a hardcopy of my textbook, it is available from TorahResource with a student discount of 25% off the retail price. Use coupon code tri25 at check out to receive the student discount. (Do not purchase the textbook with audio CD, since the audio will be provided without additional charge as part of the class, including new audio files produced just for the TRI course.)

Paul D. Wegner, The Journey from Texts to Translations (Baker, 1999) Available from (Paperback) – $26.12
Note: the newer printings (up through 2004) have the same content as the original 1999 printing, so it does not matter which one you purchase. However, if you are able to purchase the latest printing (ISBN 978-0-8010-2799-4), that would be preferable.

Used copies available from – (both paperback and hardcover are available)

Course Requirements:

  1. Completion of assignments throughout the course. These will include reading assignments, reading assessment quizzes, participation in the weekly Class Forum, and written essays.
  2. Thesis essay: For students enrolled in the 2 and 3 year programs, a written thesis paper (maximum of 3000 words) will be due 2 weeks after the Final Exam. (Further information on the specifics of the Thesis essay will be supplied by the Instructor.)
  3. Final Examination