I Will Build My Ekklesia


Yeshua’s Promise 

Building Up His Body

The Apostles gathered together, met together, worshiped together. But there seems to be a vast difference between most congregations today, and the assemblies of the first century. This powerful study of the Biblical model of a congregation will help you understand what the Bible says about Yeshua’s Ekklesia (Assembly/Church).


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The Ekklesia 

In our times, the word “Church” is used so broadly that it almost seems impossible to define. It can refer to a building where religious activities take place, or it can refer to a particular denomination of Christianity, or even of religious groups that claim to be “the Church” but which other Christian denominations claim are not “the Church” at all. In Matthew 16:18, Yeshua promised to build His Ekklesia (the Greek word often translated as “church”), but what exactly did He mean? The study of Ecclesiology, or the nature and study of the Biblical assembly Yeshua promised to build is a large one, but also an important one. This series looks at themes such as:

• Yeshua’s teaching about His Ekklesia


• The Ekklesia in the book of Acts


• Elders and Deacons


• Building Torah Communities in our modern time



147 page that open up this topic in new ways

14 audio lectures for a deeper study of these topics.

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