Studies in the Torah


Walk This Way

The Torah is God’s way of sanctifying the Elect. This wonderful set of books looks at the Torah with a focus on Yeshua being seen throughout. These books are easy to use and perfect for personal or group study.

Genesis Vol. 1 – 353 Pages

Exodus Vol. 2 – 258 Pages

Leviticus Vol. 3 – 193 Pages

Numbers Vol. 4 – 228 Pages

Deuteronomy Vol. 5 – 227 Pages


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On Your Heart

The Torah is the first written word of God to man. It is the foundation of our faith and the bedrock of the Bible. This five volume set works through the entire Torah separating the sections into the 1 and 3 year cycles of Torah readings within the synagogue. Because of this layout, these books are easy to use no matter which cycle you may be using. Especially relevant is the focus of the Messiah Yeshua. As a result this focus shows Yeshua throughout the pages of the Torah.


• Commentary and devotional on the Torah


• Separated into annual and triennial cycle readings


• Seeing Yeshua within the pages of the Torah



Five softcover volumes

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5 Volume Set, 5 Volume Set Direct Download, Genesis – Volume 1, Genesis – Volume 1 Direct Download, Genesis – Volume 1 Bulk, Exodus – Volume 2, Exodus – Volume 2 Direct Download, Exodus – Volume 2 Bulk, Leviticus – Volume 3, Leviticus – Volume 3 Direct Download, Leviticus – Volume 3 Bulk, Numbers – Volume 4, Numbers – Volume 4 Direct Download, Numbers – Volume 4 Bulk, Deuteronomy – Volume 5, Deuteronomy – Volume 5 Direct Download, Deuteronomy – Volume 5 Bulk


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