The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology


Our Messiah

For believers, Yeshua is and always has been the Messiah. This key to our faith comes alive within the Scriptures. Our understanding of the Biblical Messianic figure, the Messianic expectation before Yeshua came, and the theology of the Messiah are all things we should know. These truths help us strengthen and defend our faith.


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The Messiah

As believers our faith rests in Yeshua as our savior. God’s revelation of the Messiah permeates the Scripture. In this illuminating study, Tim Hegg shows the prophecy, theology and expectation of the Messiah. Tim explores the various views of who the Messiah would be and what He would do, resulting in a solid understanding of how Yeshua is the Messiah the Scriptures foretold.

• Looking at the Messianic expectation before Yeshua came


• What we learn from second temple non-canonical literature about the Messianic expectation


• Biblical foundation for who the Messiah would be and what He would do


• Christological debates throughout the centuries



A 152 page paperback book. This book also comes in a searchable PDF format for easy reference and study. 14 Audio lecture in MP3 format, easily transferable and perfect to listen on the go.

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