Messiah in the Tanach


What Were They Looking For?

How did people before the Messiah came know what to look for? This exciting series looks at the various prophecies throughout the Tanach (Old Testament) that foretold the coming of the Messiah. This series will give you a solid understanding of the prophetic passages that informed people of the coming Messiah and the work He would accomplish.


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How did the people in the first century know Yeshua was the Messiah? This is a question that many take for granted. The easy answer is that the Messiah was prophesied throughout the Tanach (Old Testament). Yet, many believers are not sure what or where these prophecies are. In this thrilling series, Tim Hegg looks at various passages in the Tanach (Old Testament) that foretold the coming and work Yeshua would do.


• Passages from Genesis, Exodus, 1 Samuel, and 7 other books are covered


• Showing the Messiah is seen throughout the Scriptures


• A study on the Angel of the Lord


• And a look at “Prophet, Priest, and King”



A 153 page book in paperback and in searchable PDF for easy reference. 12 lectures in MP3 format to listen anywhere.

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