The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective

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Who Was Paul?

This intriguing book views Paul as one who loved the Torah and taught others to do the same. Placing Paul back into his first century Jewish context, this book explores a side of Paul and his writings that the Church has missed.


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A Different Approach

The majority of studies on Paul have taken a similar perspective-one well entrenched in the contemporary Church. But what does Paul look like as a first century Jew? In this revolutionary book, Tim Hegg reveals a different Paul. Tim looks at Paul from a Torah perspective, placing Paul back into first century Judaism. This fresh perspective views Paul as one who maintained his Jewish identity and loved the Torah.


• Viewing Paul in a new light


• Seeing Paul’s teachings from a pro-Torah perspective


• Approaching Paul’s teachings as unified


310 page paperback


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2 reviews for The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective

  1. mouse629

    “The Letter Writer” was very informative and thorough. As a “Christian” digging deeper into the Jewish roots, it is encouraging me to study and follow Torah. Yeshua never came to abolish Torah, but to fulfill it! Thank you for all the in-depth research and time spent making this book.

  2. sdk4494

    Top-rate, wide-ranging conservative scholarship with respect to Paul’s place in the world of the 1st century. The tremendous value of this work, for me, is the clarification Paul’s theology (indeed, the apostolic theology) with respect to the gospel, the covenants–including the so-called “new covenant,” and Torah. The theology presented is deeply illuminating and satisfyingly coherent. For me the theological arguments in this work now serve as the touchstone against which to test all others. Splendid!

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