It Is Often Said


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Objecting to Torah

“The Bible did away with the Sabbath,” “The Torah is only for the Jews,” “The law was given to condemn!” These are just a couple of objections that are often given against believers keeping Torah. These great little books answer the most common objections in a short and concise way, giving biblical answers to things that are often said to argue that the Torah has been abolished.


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“Ya, but what about…”

Those within Torah Communities know the most commonly posed objections to believers who seek to keep Torah. But many new to Torah, or those still in a Sunday Church, might find answering these objections difficult. In this four book series, Tim Hegg gives solid Biblical answers to these common objections. These little booklets are not overly theological, and are all about 60 pages long, making it easy for people to read quickly.

• Each book covers three main objections to Torah observance


• Answering some of the most common objections


• Perfect for those still in the Church who are just starting to ask questions


• You don’t need a Masters in Theology to read these handy books.


Volume 1

“Yeshua broke the Sabbath” – “Torah is a Burden” – “The Law is Fulfilled”


Volume 2

“The Law is not Spiritual” – “Yeshua’s Law Replaced the Law of Moses” – “We Have the Spirit… Who Needs the Letter?”


Volume 3

“Moses Brought Condemnation; Yeshua Brought Grace” – “The Work of the Spirit Began at Pentecost” – “Paul Was All Things to All Men.”


Volume 4

“The Law Was Given to Condemn” – “The Church Replaced Israel” – “The Torah is Only for Jews”

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