Interpreting the Bible: Intro to Hermeneutics


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Our faith rests on the Word of God and the promises that are found in it. The way in which we interpret and handle the Scriptures is extremely important. Everyone employs a hermeneutic (way of interpretation), but is there a right way or wrong way of interpretation? The answer is yes! This course is a wealth of knowledge that will help you interpret and study the Bible with a deeper understanding of the various rules of interpretation.


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Biblical Hermeneutics

The way we approach the Bible, and the rules we employ to interpret the Word ultimately govern our understanding of the Scriptures and therefore how they are to be applied in our own walk of faith.  A solid method of interpretatioin (hermeneutic) is foundational to our study and proper understanding of the the Scriptures. This introduction to hermeneutics by Tim Hegg is a vital starting place for the student of the Word. Tim looks at the function of language and the way we must seek to understand the author’s intended meaning in their time and place.


• Legitimate hermeneutical practice


• Resources for Bible interpretation


• Textual variants


• Various forms of writing (poetry, prophecy, narrative, etc.)


This book is used as the textbook in the class at TorahResource Institute – Introduction to Hermeneutics.


98 page paperback spiral bound textbook. This textbook also comes in searchable PDF for easy reference and study. 10 Audio lectures in MP3 format (on CD), easily transferred to mobile devices for listening on the go. Also included is one DVD with video presentation for the second lecture.

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