How We Got Our Bible


An Investigative Journey

Finding the History of our Modern Bible

In this captivating series, Tim Hegg investigates the history and formation of the Biblical Canon due to the working of God’s Spirit. Looking at various Biblical manuscripts, Tim takes us on a journey through history that is both exciting and educational. Every believer should know why they rest their faith on the 66 books of the Bible, and this series gives you the historical information to know just that.


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Historic Framework

Understanding How the Bible was Formed

In this series Tim Hegg brings an in-depth understanding of the history and background of our Bible. The content of each chapter will illuminate and inform you about various aspects of the struggles and victories throughout history that have brought the Word of God to us today, resulting in a better ability to defend the Word of God, and in addition, giving a better understanding of the history involved.

Some Highlights

• How and where various manuscripts have been found


• How the 66 books ended up as Biblical books


• Variants within manuscripts and how the effect our Bibles today


• Language of the original books


• Church Councils



11 Lectures in MP3 format for making them easy to listen to anywhere

188 page textbook, as well as a searchable PDF for easy reference.

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