God’s Family

Jews and Gentiles Together in the Body of Messiah

In our modern day there is much debate over who God’s chosen people are. Many voices today are saying God sets the Jewish people apart differently than He does Gentiles, and they point to the Apostle Paul as proof. Others say the Church replaces Israel as God’s chosen people. In FellowHeirs Tim Hegg suggests a different view. What if Paul did not teach that Christianity replaces Israel, but that believing Gentiles are grafted into the saved remnant of Israel, and by doing so actually enlarge Israel?


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Do I Belong Here

A Believer’s Identity in Yeshua

FellowHeirs is an investigation of the Scriptures in order to answer the question of “belonging.” The mass of believers, even though distinguished by clear diversity of personal characteristics and heritage, have a singular identity as the children of the King. Tim Hegg shows from the words of Scripture that this is true. And in doing so, gives a solid foundation for our “belonging.” It is when we understand who we are within the family of God that we are both enabled and emboldened to live in accordance with our identity as God’s children and to embrace the Torah, not as belonging to someone else, but as the King’s gift to all of His children.

Foundational Content that’s Easy to Read

Tim Hegg has a way of explaining theological issues so everyone understands these large topics.

• Investigating what makes up the Body of Messiah


• Challenging replacement theology


• Presenting a fresh perspective on Paul and Gentile circumcision


• An enlightening examination of the theological significance of circumcision


• A bold stance on Jew and Gentile sanctification within the Body of Messiah

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