Erev Shabbat Siddur: Tehillot HaMashiach


Erev Shabbat With Yeshua

This booklet presents the traditional Erev Shabbat Service with a focus on the Messiah Yeshua. Enter into the Shabbat with the rich tradition given by Judaism, while at the same time giving glory to our Savior. This Erev Shabbat Siddur comes with English, Hebrew and transliteration presenting an easy-to-follow layout for those who can read and speak Hebrew, allowing those who don’t know any Hebrew at all to enter in as well.


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Entering in the Shabbat

This 46 page booklet is taken straight from the full Shabbat Siddur, Tehillot Hamashiach. A mix of traditional Erev Shabbat liturgy and the worship of our Messiah Yeshua, this siddur is perfect for family use or for hosting guests. Find the traditional blessings you love like the full Kiddush, the blessing over the wife (Proverbs 31), and traditional songs like Shalom Aleichem. Also included, selected Psalms for group reading, blessings for husbands, children and single adults. Find English, Hebrew and Transliteration side by side, therefore making this siddur easy to use and follow. Most noteworthy is the focus on Yeshua as our savior and the light of the Shabbat. Enter into the Shabbat with the rich tradition of a Jewish Erev Shabbat Service that is centered on Yeshua.


• Hebrew, English and Transliteration


• Traditional prayers and songs for Erev Shabbat


• Selected Psalms for group reading


46 page stapled booklet.

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