Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew


A Must Have!

This five volume commentary on the Gospel of Matthew is a must have for those in the Torah movement, or those wishing to see things from a different perspective. This verse by verse commentary dives deep into the mindset of first century Judaism, and approaches the text with a pro-Torah perspective. Perfect for reference or for those wishing to do a complete and full study of Matthew’s Gospel.


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A Fresh Look

This extensive commentary on the Gospel of Matthew looks at this rich book from a different perspective. Tim Hegg approaches the text from the understanding that Yeshua did not do away with the Torah, but upheld and preached the Torah. Tim separates from the traditional Christian view of the Torah, bringing Yeshua back into a first century Jewish context.


• Verse by verse commentary on the entire Gospel


• Viewing Yeshua in His first century Jewish Context


• Approaching the text from a pro-Torah perspective



This 5 volume commentary can be purchased as a set or individually. Each commentary is a softcover and comes with a searchable PDF for study and easy reference.

For those who would like to go deeper or listen to Tim work through the commentary there are 218 audio lectures in MP3 format (over 200 hours), perfect for a commute or people on the go.

Product Option Abbreviations: W/A – With Audio: DD – Direct Download

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