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Wednesday, March 6th

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The Drawing Prizes:

The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective – $18.95 Value

In this revolutionary book, Tim Hegg looks at Paul from a Torah perspective, placing him back into First Century Judaism. This fresh perspective views Paul as one who maintained his Jewish identity and loved the Torah. Read More

It Is Often Said, Vol 1-4 – $28.00 Value

In this four book series, Tim Hegg gives solid Biblical answers to these common objections. These little booklets are not overly theological, and are all about 60 pages long, making it easy for people to read quickly. Read More

The Holy Spirit: His Person and Work – $34.99 Value

In this five part lecture series, Tim Hegg looks at the work and person of the Holy Spirit. Hegg examines the Scriptures to understand how the Word describes and talks about the Holy Spirit and looks at the idea by some that the Scriptures do not teach the Spirit is the third person of the trinity. Read More

Commentary on the Book of Hebrews, Vol 1 & 2 – $39.99 Value

A commentary that will give you a new perspective on the Book of Hebrews that is refreshing and Torah centered. Read More

Library Membership (One Year Subscription) – $100 Value

The TorahResource online library is a vast amount of audio teachings and printed material in digital format. This library has hundreds of hours of audio lectures in MP3 format that can be streamed or download for those on the go. Read More

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