“Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known to God.”
– Philippians 4:6, NASB

Our Current Praise & Needs

Updated December 2017

Recent Praise Reports

  • As we come to the end of the fiscal year, our entire staff is so grateful to the Lord for continuing to supply all of our needs. We have spent a lot of time seeking the Lord for direction on the projects He wants us to work on in the coming year. We are thankful that our needs have been met and that our work continues on by His grace.

  • We are so thankful for the students who signed up and successfully completed classes during the Fall Quarter at TorahResource Institute, which ended in November; and we are very excited for those who have signed up for the Winter Quarter, which began on December 26th.

  • Tim Hegg wrapped up his study in 1John at the end of November and is now moving on to 2John, which began in the first week of December. The Study Through The Epistle of 2John is a free, online Bible study that gives participants the opportunity to experience a TorahResource Institute Course. It also gives Tim the perfect venue to create Bible commentaries. We have had positive feedback on the 1John study and we are all excited about the work Tim is doing with 2John.

Needs & Upcoming Projects

  • TorahResource is currently working on a few new book projects that we hope to release at some point in 2018. These projects are still in the concept stage so we continue to pray and seek the Lord for His guidance and wisdom. In order to complete, edit, and then print these books, we will need to dedicate time and money to each project. We are praying that the Lord will make His will known to us by providing the funds necessary in producing each book. We ask that you would pray with us toward this end.

  • We continue to pray that the Lord would move in the hearts of the right amount of people to support the work of TorahResource by becoming monthly donors. Our school is almost completely funded through the generous donations of our supporters, and those who give on a monthly basis are the cornerstone of this funding. Please pray that the Lord will continue to lead people to become monthly supporters so we are able to expand and grow this ministry as we do the Lord’s work of teaching His Word.

Support TorahResource

TorahResource believes “God’s work done God’s way, will never lack God’s support.” This is why we determined not to ask for money but to commit ourselves to daily prayer, that God would meet our financial needs so long as He intends us to continue this work. In seeking to follow a biblical pattern of ministry, we do feel it appropriate to make our needs known so that others may also pray for God’s provision on our behalf. Thus, below you will find a current list of needs we have as we continue with our work at TorahResource and TorahResource Institute. We thank you in advance for partnering with us in this important work.