Paul and Circumcision


If Paul abolished the commandment of circumcision, doesn’t that prove that the Torah has been abolished?
The debate over the present viability of the Torah for today’s people of God often proceeds from what appears to be an unshakable logic, namely, that if one commandment of God can be shown to have been set aside by the Messiah or His Apostles, then the door is open to argue that many more of the commandments have also been abolished or replaced. From the earliest days of the emerging Christian Church, this logic was applied to the Torah commandment of circumcision. Since Paul was interpreted as teaching against circumcision, the conclusion that the Torah has been set aside was an obvious forthcoming conclusion. For if circumcision was the sign of the covenant given to Israel, and if Paul teaches against circumcision, then clearly the covenant made with Israel has been cast aside, and with it, the Torah.

This lecture covers Chapter 8 of the teaching series, “Why We Keep Torah: Ten Persistent Questions”, by Tim Hegg. For more information about this product, click here.