Online Classroom Tutorial Videos

With these videos, you can learn how to navigate through the new interface and access your account information or the courses you are enrolled in.

Video 1: Navigation and Login

In this video you will see the basics of logging into the TorahResource Online Classroom, along with navigating the homepage. Learn what all the buttons and tabs do. This video will give you a good introduction to the new site and how it works.

Video 2: Your Classes

Learn how to navigate through your class page.

Video 3: Customize Profile

In this video you will learn how to upload a picture to your school account, enter your personal information, and input information like your Skype address.

Video 4: Contacts and Messaging

In this video you will learn how to add contacts to your school address book, how to instant message people and how to check your messages.

Video 5: Your Calendar

Learn how to use your calendar, add events, hide or delete events, export your calendar and sync with your desktop calendar and more.