Festival Readings

For each of the annual Moedim, or Appointed Times, a special Torah, Haftarah and Apostolic Scripture passage has been assigned to be read in the synagogue whether they fall on a Sabbath or during the week. Below are the Moedim in the order that they are listed in Leviticus 23 along with their Hebrew dates and designated reading passages. Links to download commentary, articles and other resources are also provided. For information about the details of the Hebrew Calendar and each of the Festivals, Click Here

Pesach (Day 1) — “Passover”

Date: Nisan 15

Torah: Exo 12:21–51, Num 28:16–25
Haftarah: Jos 5:2–6
Apostolic: Lk 22:1–7

Passover Seder Haggadah For Disciples of the Messiah Yeshua (PDF, 389 KB)
What does the word “Pesach” mean? (PDF, 125 KB)
What Foods are Prohibited During Chag HaMatzot (Passover)? (PDF, 120 KB)

Shabbat Pesach* — “Sabbath of Passover”

Date: The weekly Sabbath that falls within the week of Pesach.

Torah: Exo 33:12-34:26, Num 28:19-25
Haftarah: Eze 37:1-14
Apostolic: 1Co 5:1-8
Commentary: Shabbat Pesach (PDF, 323 KB)

Pesach (Day 7) — “Passover”

Date: Nisan 21

Torah: Exo 13:17–15:26, Num 28:19–25
Haftarah: 2Sa 22:1-51
Apostolic: Luk 24:13-52
Commentary: Seventh Day of Chag Hamatzot (PDF, 183 KB)

Shavuot — “Weeks”

Date: Sivan 6

Torah: Exo 19:1-20:22, Num 28:26-31
Haftarah: Eze 1:1-28; 3:12
Apostolic: Act 2:1-47
Commentary: Thoughts on Shavuot (PDF, 155 KB)

Counting the Omer Blessing Booklet (PDF, 195 KB)
Counting Our Way to Shavuot Devotional Booklet (PDF, 136 KB)

Yom Teruah — “Day of Blowing Trumpets”

Date: Tishrei 1

Torah: Gen 21:1–34, Num 29:1–6
Haftarah: 1Sam 1:1–10
Apostolic: 1Th 4:1–18
Yom Teruah – Rosh Hashanah (PDF, 155 KB)
Shabbaton Zichron (PDF, 153 KB)
Listening for The Shofar: Thoughts on Yom Teruah (PDF, 219 KB)
Comfort One Another with these Words (PDF, 154 KB)

Shofar Service Liturgy Booklet (PDF, 445 KB)
Hearing the Shofar on Yom Teruah (PDF, 153 KB)

Tashlich Service Liturgy Booklet (PDF, 445 KB)
To Tashlich or Not to Tashlich (PDF, 99 KB)

Yom Kippur — “Day of Atonement”

Date: Tishrei 10

Torah: Lev 16:1–34, Num 29:7–11
Haftarah: Isa 57:14–58:14
Apostolic: Heb 9:1–15
Yom Kippur: You Shall Humble Your Souls (PDF, 156 KB)
Yom Kippur: God’s Way of Atonement (PDF, 250 KB)
Yeshua—Our Heavenly High Priest (PDF, 197 KB)

Kol Nidrei Service Liturgy Booklet (PDF, 389 KB)
Our Messianic Faith and Yom Kippur (PDF, 86 KB)
Preparing for Yom Kippur (PDF, 194 KB)
The Meaning of Kafar: Some Thoughts (PDF, 137 KB)
The Meaning of Kafar: “Atonement” (PDF, 157 KB)

Sukkot (Day 1) — “Tabernacles”

Date: Tishrei 15

Torah: Lev 22:26–23:44, Num 29:12-16
Haftarah: Zec 14:1–21
Apostolic: Joh 1:1–18
Commentary: Sukkot (PDF, 237 KB)

Sukkot Blessings Booklet (PDF, 120 KB)
Qohelet and the Time of Our Rejoicing (PDF, 211 KB)

Shabbat Sukkot* — “Sabbath of Sukkot”

Date: The weekly Sabbath that falls within Sukkot.

Torah: Exo 33:12-34:26
Haftarah: Eze 38:18-39:16
Apostolic: Luk 2:1-14
Commentary: Shabbat Sukkot (PDF, 210 KB)

Shemini Atzeret — “The Eighth Day”

Date: Tishrei 22

Torah: Deu 14:22–16:17, Num 29:35–30:1
Haftarah: 1Ki 8:54-66
Apostolic: 1Joh 3:1–3
Commentary: Shemini Atzeret (PDF, 237 KB)

Minor Festivals:

Shabbat Hanukkah* — “Sabbath of Hanukkah”

Date: The weekly Sabbath that falls within Hanukkah.

Torah: Num 7:18–29
Haftarah: Zec 2:10–4:7(E), Zec 2:14-4:7(H)
Apostolic: Joh 10:22–42
Shabbat Hanukkah – Dedication (PDF, 16 KB)
Shabbat Hanukkah – Hanukkah vs Christmas (PDF, 137 KB)
Shabbat Hanukkah – 2013 (PDF, 152 KB)

Hanukkah Blessings Booklet (PDF, 939 KB)
Hanukkah: Some Basic Information (PDF, 233 KB)

*These dates are not Moedim (Appointed Times found in Leviticus 23), but rather, Weekly Sabbaths that fall within days of the festivals of Pesach, Sukkot and Hanukkah.

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