Certificate Programs


TorahResource Institute offers three Certificate Programs: Certificate in Biblical Studies (a one year program), Certificate in Religious Studies (a two year program), and Certificate in Advanced Biblical & Religious Studies (a three year program). The Certificate Programs build one upon the other, so that the two year program begins by completing the same first year courses as the one year program, and the three year program begins by completing the courses required for the two year program. In each Certificate Program, a student may opt to spread out the required classes over a longer period of time, but the programs are designed so that a student could complete the program in one, two, or three years if he or she so desired.

Certificate in Biblical Studies

1 Year Program

C1  9 Classes (27 Qtr hrs)
This is a one-year program designed especially for students who simply feel the need to be better grounded in the Scriptures. The Certificate program would be especially helpful for high school seniors looking forward to college or university, who want to be better prepared to defend their faith and biblical worldview. Read More…

Certificate in Religious Studies

2 Year Program

RS2 – 18 Classes (58 Qtr hrs)
This two-year program is designed particularly for current and future teachers and/or leaders in a Messianic group. It encompasses the first year Certificate Program (with additional reading and assignments), and adds a second year which includes advanced language studies (9 Qtr hrs each of Hebrew and Greek) and classes particularly germane to theological and practical issues faced by Messianic groups. Read More…

Certificate in Advanced Biblical & Religious Studies

3 Year Program

ABRS3 – 27 Classes (87 Qtr hrs)
This program incorporates advanced biblical and religious studies, with a special emphasis upon preparing the student for teaching and leading responsibilities within a Messianic group. Beginning in year one, this program will incorporate not only additional reading and assignments (as in the 2-year program) but will also require (in year 3) active teaching and presentation of papers for peer review. All students who complete the ABRS3 program will have shown proficiency in the Biblical languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Read More…

Per Course Enrollments

If you are not looking to enroll in one of our certificate programs, most courses are also available to students as a “Per Course” enrollment.

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Give the Gift of Education
TorahResource Institute has students from around the world, and from all walks of life. Although we strive to keep our costs extremely low, there are still those who do not have the ability to pay for their education. TorahResource Institute offers scholarships every single quarter. It is because of the generous donations of others that some of our students are able to attend their classes. If you would like to help someone by giving to our scholarship fund, Click Here!