Show #102 – Standard Arguments (Acts 15)

We discuss our time at the SBL. We respond to a comment on YouTube regarding our show on Hebrew Roots. Our main focus is an article by International Christian Zionist Center titled “As Gentile Believers, How Should We Then Live?” In the article the author touches on many of the standard Scriptures and poses the...

Show #101 – Food Offered to Idols

The guys are in Atlanta GA at the Society of Biblical Literature and welcome Tim Hegg and Gary Springer on the show to discuss food offered to idols

Show #100 – Hebrew Roots

This week we talk about Hebrew Roots. Are we part of it? Is it different than Messianic Judaism? Should we reject this title?

Show #099 – Response

The guys discuss a slew of emails and comments that have come in over their last show about Shapira. We also look at a comment by someone on Steve Berkson

Show #098 – The Gospel and Kabbalah

We continue our discussion from the past two shows in which we look at rabbinic writings. This week we look at the Zohar and some of the later mystical works.

Show #097 – How Much Tradition?

The guys continue the discussion that was started last week on Mishnah and Talmud. Should believers in Yeshua incorporate Jewish tradition into their lives? If so, how much?

Show #096 – Dating Rabbinic Lit

We begin to look at Itzhak Shapira’s work Return of the Kosher Pig. In this first installment we discuss the dating of various rabbinical works

Show #095 – Movie Review

The guys review two movies that are gaining popularity. Rob looks at “Killing Jesus” and discusses its historical accuracy. Caleb looks at “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus” and looks at some of the information that is presented in this film.

Show #092 – Mail Bag

Main topics include, Rosh HaShanah, is it really a new year? Tashlich service, is it pagan? The prayer book, which one should we use? Is the Shema literal or metaphor?

Show #091 – September 2015 (CERN)

The Messianic and Christian world are buzzing with various ideas about what might happen in September of 2015. Blood moons, Cern, Pope Francis and the beginning of the Shemita year, according to some, signal large events in this month.

Show #090 – Disagreement Day

We once again invite my father Tim Hegg onto the show to hash out some issues we disagree on. Included, the term “rabbi” in the fist century, Yeshua as a Pharisee, Circumcision in the first century, conversion in the first century.

Show #089 – Tim Hegg Q&A

Rob has the week off, so Caleb invites his father to sit in and answer questions. Questions cover a number of topics including, Is the Masoretic text reliable? Is the Holy Spirit ever given to unbelievers? God saying he would have given David Saul’s wives, Steve Berkson claims that the Jesus that the church believes...

Show #088 – Conversion

We discuss the Ohio Decalogue stone and keystone found in Ohio. Then w look at a snippet from an FFOZ Messiah journal. The conversation quickly shifts to conversion in the first century. Was there a ritual for such an act? Was it standardized?

Show #087 – Animal Sacrifices

The guys begin by looks at an email that speaks about last weeks show. Then the topic changes to animal sacrifice. Are they still applicable today? Will we do them in the millennium? Didn’t Yeshua’s death on the cross end all animal sacrifice?

Show #084 – Top 10 Distractions

We look at some email sent in that touches on our last show. We then move to the top ten distractions (as seen by us) in the Messianic movement.

Show #083 – Food Offered to Idols

First a Mikvah discovered in Jerusalem is discussed, then Chuck Missler’s teaching on the Aleph Tav is looked at. Then food offered to idols is looked at. Including Halal food, and Kosher food slaughtered according to Kabbalistic ritual

Show #082 – Misc

This show touches on several topics including a run down of our time at the UMJA conference. Some clips that Rob has found on the internet including a woman talking about Jews lost in a cave. And Annihilation doctrine.

Show #081 – Flat Earth Theory

Flat earth theory is becoming a more and more popular belief among some believers. What is it? Is there any validity to such claims? Should we embrace it? The guys tackle this topic head on.

Show #080 – Homosexuality

We begin by looking at a comment made by Lex Myers who believes in perfectionism. We then shift to homosexuality and some of the arguments believers can use with non-believers on this issue.

Show #079 – Dating, Sacrifices and Baptism

How should Torah pursuant believers look at dating, courting and betrothal? Then, are the Church Fathers greater than the Talmudic Rabbis? Is some of the Charismatic movement and the practice that goes along with some churches the same as Kabbalistic practice? Then Baptism and circumcision are discussed.

Show #078 – Kabbalah

The guys discuss Kabbala and the Hassidic view of the Tzadik. Where do these beliefs come from? Should we as believers attempt to experience these mystical realms through Kabbalah? Find out what the guys have to say.

Show #077 – Calvinism VS Arminianism

The debate over predestination has been raging for over 1600 years. Most commonly referred to as Arminian VS Calvinism, this debate is still a hot topic in the Messianic and Christian world. The guys look at some of the history of the argument, and also discuss what they believe the Bible teaches on this subject.

Show #076 – Satan

The theology of angels, demons and Satan is discussed. Questioning where all our notions of these things come from and if they are truly Biblical.

Show #075 – Speaking in Tongues

We begin by looking at Jonathan Cahn’s state of the union address. We then discuss Jim Staley’s pleading guilty. Then a blog post by 119 ministries and the deity of Yeshua is touched on. Then the conversation moves to speaking in tongues.

Show #074 – One Torah Theology

We look at One Torah theology and some of the main passages that are used to fight such theology.

Show #073 – Mail Bag

We begin by looking something from K.A. Schneider, who asks for money. Then we look at another video lecture from Michael Stepakoff where he asserts that those who hold to One Torah theology are anti-Semitic. Also looked at, Jonathan Cahn and the 7 cows, tithing, is Messianic a “Sect” of Judaism?, Sacred name issues.

Show #072 – Defending the Faith

We begin by looking at video from Michael Stepakoff where he challenges One Torah theology. Then the conversation moves to Tovia Singer, and outspoken anti-missionary that has made a business of training Jewish people to theologically fight Christians and Messianics. He has also been instrumental in bringing numerous Jewish Christians out of the church and...

Show #071 – Dating the Exodus

We begin by looking at an a short entry in Messiah Journal #119 (FFOZ) by Boaz Michael on One Torah theology. Then they shift to a short look at Easter. The main topic is the date of the exodus from Egypt.

Show #070 – Passion Chronology

The guys invite Tim Hegg on the show to discuss the Passion Chronology. Featured are some clips from New2Torah in which Zach Bauer gives reasons he rejects the idea that Yeshua was celebrating a Passover Seder during the last meal.

Show #069 – Blood Moons

We begin with a follow up from last show on the location of the temple by playing a clip from Marty Hertz, then we move to the blood moon tetrad that is coming in the fall. Clips from Biltz, Hagee, and Munsey are played, also clips from people debunking such theories are also highlighted.

Show #068 – Location of the Temple

Some claim that the temple did not sit atop the traditional location of the temple mount, but rather, was quite a distance off in the city of David, and the real temple mount has been destroyed.

Show #067 – Bible Codes

Some follow up on our last show about generational curses is touch on, then the conversation moves to Bible codes. A popular craze in the late 90’s, many believe there are secret messages within the original Hebrew Bible that give coded prophecy about current events. These messages (according to those who believe) can be found...

Show #066 – Generational Sin

Should we be worried that sin our ancestors did will put a curse on us? Does God give disease and hardship to our offspring as a punishment to us?

Show #065 – Aramaic New Testament

The guys look at YouTube Comments, then read and respond to an email from 119 Ministries. Then the topic of Aramaic Primacy in the Apostolic Scriptures is hit on. Specifically Andrew Gabriel Roth’s work on the “Aramaic English New Testament” is looked at.

Show #064 – Nephilim

The guys discuss different teachings on the Nephalim. Does the Bible talk about Angels coming down and creating offspring on earth? Does it speak of aliens? Many Messianic leaders say yes to at least one of these options, but what do the guys say? Find out on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show.

Show #063 – King James Version Bible

The KJV is discussed. its history, and those who believe it is the most accurate translation of the Bible.

Show #062 – Mixed Bag

A bit of follow up on the Copper Scroll Project is given. A clip on heiroglyphs is presented comically by Rob which highlights how some people view paleo Hebrew. The half time show at the Super Bowl brought a lot of blog posts about the end of the world, but perhaps the most interesting were...

Show #061 – The Copper Scroll Project

A new project called The Copper Scroll Project which is led by Jim Barfield has been backed by 119 Ministries. The guys take a look at the new video produced by 119 for the CSP and the major problems that can be seen from first glances.

Show #060 – Will the Real Rob Please Stand Up?

A fake profile under the name of Rob Vanhoff is discussed. A couple of comments from Matthew Janzen on the deity of the Messiah are discussed. Then a panel discussion with R.C. Sproul and others, where the participants discuss reform theology and Israel (i.e. replacement theology) is discussed.

Show #058 – Leaving Community

The guys quickly discuss the source document known as Q, then they introduce some new intro music that has been used several times since known as “The Hoff Goes Off.” Also discussed, someone has put Rob Vanhoff on a “Wall of Shame” for speaking against lunar Sabbath belief. Finally the discussion shifts to when the...

Show #057 – Pardes

We discuss rabbinic authority and oral tradition. This conversation is leading specifically to Biblical interpretation of the Rabbis. What is Pardes? How does it work? Is it a valid form of Biblical hermeneutics, and should believers use it?

Show #056 – Assimilation

Rob is out of town, so Tim Hegg fills in. Caleb picks his dad’s brain on replacement theology. Is One Torah theology blurring the lines between Jew and Gentile? Would it matter if it was? What about a dispensational theology? Doesn’t that work from a Biblical stand point? Find out on this weeks Rob &...

Show #055 – Christmas Special

The guys talk about the history behind Christmas. Is Kirk Cameron right? Should we latch onto Christmas? What about Hanukkah? Where did the tradition of giving gifts come from? Did Hanukkah rip off Christmas? Find out in this weeks show!

Show #054 – Junk Scholarship

The guys look at education. Does it really matter if someone has a degree? Should those seeking to be leaders get training? And if so, does school really matter? How important is it to learn the Biblical languages? What tools can the average person use to study the Bible? The guys look at all this...