Show #51 – David Perry

The guys talk about a new theory that is going around about the Melchizedek priesthood, and the keeping of Torah. This new theology is being promoted by David Perry in his two books, which the guys talk about. Rob & Caleb take a look at one of Perry’s books and discuss their views on this...

Show #200 – See You Next Time

This week we look at 1Cor. 11 and head coverings. Also, can we celebrate the Sabbath on any day of the week?

Show #199 – About Messiah

This week we look at the pope’s suggestion to change the liturgical form of the Lord’s Prayer. Also a discussion about the JW view of the Sacred Name, and a look at arguments against what some might call “Traditional Theology.”

Show #198 – Christmas Special 2017

A look at the Deity of Yeshua. Is Yeshua really YHVH? Then we turn to Christmas and some explanations Christians give on why they think its fine to celebrate.

Show #197 – The Sacred Name: Is There New Evidence?

Nehemia Gordon has made some fantastic claims recently about the sacred name and what he claims is new evidence of the pronunciation. Are these claims true?

Show #196 – Boston Recap

This week we discuss our time in Boston at the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature.

Show #195 – Movie Review: Calvinist

This week we look at the new movie by Les Lanphere titled “Calvinist”. We will discuss some the good and also where we think this film may have fallen short. Also, a comment on our last show will be discussed.

Show #194 – Justification, Does it Matter?

A discussion about the Protestant view of the sacraments and the idea that the Bible should be added to the list. Also, a conversation on an article written that suggests the reformation failed, and that Protestants and Catholics should reunite. What are the implications of this teaching?

Show #193 – Reformation Special: Indulgences

It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Luther’s act of nailing the 95 theses to the door at Wittenberg is often seen as a push against Papal authority or salvation by works, but these issues would stem out of Luther’s fight against the doctrine of indulgences.

Show #192 – At What Point…?

At what point do we decide to stop engaging in discussions about things like Flat Earth, or Paleo Hebrew Word Pictures? Should we continue to discuss these things? Or are they worthless conversations?

Show #191 – Isn’t it “Aaronic”?

The Aaronic benediction is discussed, also a look at what a Sukkah has to be made of and a discussion about theology.

Show #190 – Written in What?

A look at an article that attempts to prove Aramaic primacy. But there is much more in this article than just a debate on language.

Show #189 – Contemporary Christian Music

The guys look at Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) to see if we should really be using these songs for worship. Also, what is Azazel in Lev.16:8?

Show #188 – Is Rosh HaShanah Pagan?

The guys look at claims that Rosh HaShanah comes from the Pagan New Year.

Show #187 – Abortion and the Bible

We look at the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem. We then turn to Exodus 21:22-25 and discuss the Hebrew to understand if this passage really speaks about unborn children.

Show #186 – Trouble in Nashville

The guys recap the 2017 TorahResource Institute Family Camp. Then a look at imputed righteousness, and finally a brief look at the Nashville Statement.

Show #185 – Why Did Yeshua Die on the Cross?

A look at another video about the recent solar eclipse that happened on August 21st, 2017. Also, why did Yeshua have to be crucified? An interesting position is discussed.

Show #184 – The End of the World… Again

A quick look at the claims by many that the solar eclipse on Aug. 21st 2017 will enter in the tribulation. The Main topic looks at two videos on human sacrifice, one from Zach Bauer from New2Torah and a response video from SpiritualBabies.

Show #183 – Live From Jerusalem

Rob is in Jerusalem. We discuss his paper that was given at a conference that looked at the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible. Also Rob’s travels in the land and some of the great things he has seen.

Show #182 – Amen

Scandal with manuscripts and Hobby Lobby, national election verses personal election, and is the word “Amen” pagan? All this and more is discussed.

Show #181 – Ears or Body?

The guys look at Hebrews 10:5 quote of Psalm 40 and the claim by some that this is a misquote. Some have suggested this means the book of Hebrews should not be in our Bibles.

Show #180 – Who is Israel?

The guys look at comments and emails that have come in and various questions posed by listeners. Our main topic looks at who is Israel? Are believing Gentiles part of Israel?

Show #179 – Biblical Industrial Complex

The guys look at some emails that have come in and then turn to the biblical publishing industry and explore the benefits as well as the downsides

Show #178 – Rebbe

The guys look at some great questions that have come in through email, and look at the Hasidic theology of the Rebbe.

Show #177 – Repentance

In this show, the guys continue looking at Paul and how to prepare for discussions with those who believe Paul spoke against Torah. Also, what is repentance?

Show #176 – The Paul Implication

This show focuses on Paul and the implications it would bring if Paul actually spoke against the Mosaic law.

Show #175 – Interview with André-Philippe Therrien

This week we bring our friend and TorahResource Institute student André-Philippe Therrien onto the show to discuss the work he is doing on Alexander Hislop’s Two Babylons.

Show #174 – Shavuot Special

This year on the Shavuot Special, the guys discuss the reason we count the omer, various ways people count the omer and what is different about the Holy Spirit before and after the event at Pentecost?

Show #173 – Mail Time

The guys open the mail bag and discuss topics such as, the Torah prohibiting certain people into the “assembly”, the reach of the Dead Sea community in first century Judaism, and the Solar Calendar.

Show #172 – Tikkun Olam

We begin by looking at one of our videos from last week, also a new product from FFOZ has been released, and we discuss the theology of Tikkun Olam.

Show #171 – Hillel and Shammai

A look at the Greek word for “Christ” and the claim that it is a pagan word. Also, a discussion about Luther and the suggestion that he added to the Bible. The main topic looks at the idea that Hillel and Shammai were the prominent schools of religious thought in the first century.

Show #170 – Mark 14:27-28

A discuss the beginnings of the split between the standard Church view of the resurrection and the “Quartodecimans”. Also, if we keep some tradition, should we keep it all? and finally a look at Mark 14:27-28 and the claim that Yeshua is associating Himself with a false prophet.

Show #169: Passover Special with Dr. Brant Pitre

On this years Passover Special we invite Dr. Brant Pitre onto the show to discuss his book “Jesus and the Last Supper” and more specifically, his views on the chronology of the Passion. Dr. Pitre has written extensively on what has been termed the “Passover Hypothesis” and reconciles all four Gospel accounts together.

Show #168 – Mixed Bag

A look at several emails, included: Does modern day paganism inform us about ancient cult practices? What is it that Bede (an 8th century writer) actually says about the name “Easter”? And should the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement hold to Rabbinic tradition so that we are not all doing our own thing? Finally, should...

Show #167 – Easter + Ishtar = Pagan?

A video by Zach Bauer is discussed, in which Bauer claims the pagan roots of Easter go back to Babylon. Discussed is the way in which to cite a source, what is a good source, and of course, do we have evidence of Pagan roots for Easter?

Show #166 – Naaman

We look at a clip on sacrifice by N.T. Wright, and a clip on enjoying God by John Piper. We also discuss an article by a scholar that is refuting One Torah theology by using Naaman’s story in 2 Kings 5.

Show #165 – Are You Listening?

The guys discuss a podcast put out by BDK and Justen Faull, two evangelicals that are addressing the Hebrew Roots movement. Also, a response to a message we received about Matthew Nolan. Were we out of line in our treatment of his teaching? Also, should we never say the name of a false God?

Show #164 – What’s the Goal?

The RC mail bag is opened and emails are discussed. Included, is there power in the name Yeshua? What is the goal of the RCShow? And some loose ends from last weeks show on Isaiah 53.

Show #163 – Isaiah 53

A look at the anti-missionary teaching on Isaiah 53. Although many might speak with confidence the evidence from rabbinic sources along with the language used tells a different story.

Show #162 – Orthodox View of Messianic

A look at “Lesser” “Greater” in the Kingdom of Matthew 5, a short look at the “Rabbinic” view of the Norther Kingdom, and a breakdown of a session given by Tovia Singer in Manila Philippines on the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement.

Show #161 – Yeshua on Trial… Again

A look at a proposal by an orthodox Jew to retry Yeshua. Also a rap up of last weeks topic on the closed mem in Isaiah 9:7, and a quick look at several passage that speak to the chronology of the Last Supper.

Show #160 – Isaiah 9:7

This week Rob takes us through the historical conversation of Isaiah 9:7 and the closed mem. This conversation looks at various manuscripts and texts throughout history. Rob created a PDF for people to follow along, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Show #159 – Jews and Jesus

The guys look at an article by a rabbi that was posted on titled “Why Jews don’t Believe in Jesus.” The show looks at the arguments put forth within this article and tests them against the Bible.

Show #126 – “T” is for Total

The history of the five points of Calvinism is discussed, and the first of the “TULIP” theologies, i.e. Total Depravity, is discussed.

Show #158 – Straw Man

The guys look at various subjects including the idea of addressing theology instead of personal attack, Strong’s Numbers, and a brief look at hyper preterism.

Show #157 – How We Get There

A short discussion on One Torah Theology, and what we’ve been “freed” from through the Messiah, then a look at the method in which we get to Biblical truth. Does the method matter, or is it only the final theology that matters?

Show #156 – Oldest Written Alphabet?

The guys address several questions sent in by listeners including, who is the final authority in dietary issues? Can we actually keep the Torah? Arrogance VS Frustration with the Hebrew Roots movement. The main topic focuses on a new book out by Douglas Petrovich in which he argues certain Egyptian inscriptions actually hold signs of...

Show #155 – Loose Ends

In this show the guys discuss various topics. Included is a discussion of Hebrew Word Pictures and the false information that is plaguing the Hebrew Roots Movement. Then a look at John 6 and the idea of hard sayings and the disciples of Yeshua being “all in.” Then a look at food offered to idols...

Show #154 – The Didache

Some emails are discussed, including a question about Salvation VS Eternal Life, and a challenge on our primary sources. Then a discussion on the Didache. What is it? What do we know about it? Should it be a focus of Messianics?

Show #153 – Christmas Special

Its the annual Christmas special in which the guys discuss Christmas to investigate the claims that its pagan. In this special, a debate with Zach Bauer and a Christian apologist is looked at. Also 119 Ministries video “Sun Burned” is discussed, and a debate over the choosing of Dec. 25th as Christ’s Birthday.

Show #152 – Jasher, Enoch and Berkson

The guys look at the book of Enoch and the book of Jasher to ask why they aren’t in our Bibles. Also, a closer look at teacher Steve Berkson and some of the teachings he has put forward.

Show #144 – Righteous Anger

A short show in which a new chat room is tested, as righteous anger is the topic of discussion.

Show #151 – Love and Hate

The guys look at Love and Hate in the Bible to better understand what these terms may mean. Also looked at is the “Lapid” Messianic movement, along with a question about John 6.

Show #150 – ETS/SBL Recap

The guys discuss their time at the Society of Biblical Literature and the Evangelical Theological Society annual meetings. Also discussed, a Facebook comment accusing Caleb of being “Harsh” on Messianics but weak towards Christians. A short rant about believers and Public Schools, and a questions is answered about the role of “Outdated” commands in the...

Show #149 – Two Lectures

The guys are traveling back from the ETS and SBL so the two lectures presented in the Masorah section by Tim Hegg and Rob Vanhoff and the 2016 SBL are featured.

Show #148 – Q&A

Rob takes the week off so Tim Hegg (Caleb’s Father) sits in. Listener questions are discussed and answered. Included, a short look at Trinitarian doctrine in the Tanach, training for leaders, who or what is the Babylon talked about in Revelation 12? And is it wrong to call someone “Father” (Matt23).

Show #147 – What’s in a Name?

The guys discuss the name Yeshua and some of the newer pronunciations that are starting to be used. They then turn to a discussion on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Show #146 – Synagogue of Satan

Matthew Nolan and David Perry’s teaching on Melchizedek are looked at. Also a look at Matthew Nolan’s teaching on the Synagogue of Satan taught at Torah to the Tribes.

Show #145 – Mail Bag

Various topics including Messianics and Mezuza’s, the Shema. The reunification of Israel and Judah. Is the Angel of the Lord a pre-incarnate Yeshua?

Show #143 – Priest, Sacrifice, Atonement

An email asking about past statements about sacrifices in the millennial temple is discussed. Also, a brief discussion on Yom Kippur, and a look at the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Show #142 – Critical Review

The guys discuss what it means to be critical and how believers should look critically and with discernment towards teachings and teachers.

Show #141 – Thirsty for Mystery

Various topics are touched on, including a look at 119 Ministries Star of David teaching, Jonathan Cahn on “Its Supernatural” with Sid Roth, a look at discernment, and the question of Yom Teruah being called Rosh HaShanah.

Show #140 – Yeshua and the Mishnah

The guys invite Tim Hegg on the show to answer some questions that were asked of him. A response video to TorahResource’s teaching on the Hebrew word “Ger” is discussed. A recap of the TorahResource Institute 2016 family camp is given. Izzy Avraham from Holy Language Institute, and his new series on “What did Yeshua...

Show #139 – Gentiles in the Body of Messiah (Part 2)

Part 2 continues our look at a video by Tobi Janicki (from FFOZ) that looks at gentiles in the body of the Messiah.

Show #138 – Gentile Believers and Torah – Part 1

A lecture given by Toby Janicki is discussed. Janicki talks about the Messianic gentile and the Noachide laws. His suggestion is that these later rabbinic laws were extant in the first century, and shed light on Acts 15.

Show #137 – The Way Documentary

The guys discuss various including a look at a new documentary titled “The Way” in which many Hebrew Roots teachers describe their moving to keep Torah.

Show #136 – Q&A

Rob has the week off so Caleb invites his father Tim Hegg onto the show to answer questions sent in from listeners. Included is a look at the Hebrew word Ger, a discussion on Revelation 1:10, and Tim’s opinion on a pre-tribulation rapture.

Show #135 – Romans 11:26a

The guys discuss some comments on Two House theology, and then turn to Hosea 1 and a new perspective Rob has. Then a look at Romans 11:26a. Who is Israel, and what is Paul talking about?

Show #134 – Mail Bag

The new documentary “The Way” that is set to be released in August 2016 is discussed. Also a discussion on the term “Traditional Judaism.” And a discussion on the claim that Shabbat starts at sunrise and ends at sunrise

Show #133 – Ecclesiology

A video by D. Thomas Lancaster (FFOZ) is looked at in which Lancaster suggests that Mark Kinzer’s book “Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism” is one of the greatest books within the Messianic realm, but then states its conclusion will not work in the Kingdom. He then goes on to propose a new model, which he is calling...

Show #132 – Interview with Dr. Chris Tilling

Rob & Caleb welcome Dr. Chris Tilling onto the show to discuss his book Paul’s Divine Christology.

Show #131 – FFOZ and Oral Torah

A video recently put out by FFOZ, with Jeremiah Michael is looked at. Michael presents a teaching on Oral Torah and its role in the walk of a Messianic Jewish believer.

Show #130 – Limited Atonement

The guys look at Limited Atonement and continue the discussion of free will and predestination. Included is a look at Hebrews 2:9 and 2Peter 3:9.

Show #129 – Scholarly Ideology

Several clips from a senate hearing on Isis are looked at in relation to religious ideology of those who reject mainstream scholarship in all normative religion. This concept is then looked at in regards to the Hebrew Israelite who appeared on Dr. James White’s Alpha & Omega Ministries podcast.

Show #128 – “U” is for Unconditional

A look at Unconditional Election, looking at the historical landscape that might have influenced the Rabbinic perspective on this subject as well as a discussion on will and how original sin made our will slaves to sin, and not free to choose.

Show #127 – How Depraved Are We?

Total Depravity is looked at again, and the topic of “Free” will is discussed.

Show #125 – Reformed?

Is there a specific theology that comes with the labels Hebrew Roots and Messianic? If so what is it? The guys begin to explore their own theological views in the hopes of clarifying the theological stance they have when approaching the Scriptures.

Show #124 – Sola Scriptura (Again)

Rob is taking a week off so Caleb invites Michael Gonzales onto the show to talk about his coming to Torah and then to look at Sola Scriptura in the Messianic movement.

Show #123 – Count Your Omer!

The guys look at some interesting sound bytes from the internet, respond to comments about last weeks show, and discuss the various ways people count the omer.

Show #122 – What is Truth?

The guys looks at several different endorsements of Itzhak Shapira’s book Return of the Kosher Pig by Christian and Messianic leaders and ask if this is the “Truth” the Gospels speak about. What does it say about leaders who are endorsing theological heresy?

Show #121 – Was the Last Supper a Passover Meal?

The guys bring on Tim Hegg for their yearly discussion on the Passover Chronology and if the Last Supper was a Passover Seder.

Show #119 – Various Papers

Four different papers/article on four topics are discussed. The Israel Bible and the websites guidelines for “open discussion” between Jews and Christians is looked at. A paper in the March 2016 JETS on Romans 2:12-15 is looked at. A new documentary by a “Messianic” and his stance on evangelism is looked at. And a recent...

Show #047 – Anti-Missionaries

What do we do with people who are leaving the Messianic and Christian faith to go to traditional Judaism? What do we say to the teaching of anti-missionaries like Tovia Singer? Listen as the guys address these issues and more on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show.

Show #046 – Sukkot

The guys take time to reflect on the festival of Sukkot, and talk about what the festival has brought to their minds. They also look at the books they are currently reading, and what they are getting out of them.

Show #045 – Lunar Sabbath

Rob and Caleb look at this idea of a “lunar Sabbath.” Does this theory hold any weight? What do Scholars say about this theology? What does the Bible say? Should we reckon the Sabbath according to the moon? And most importantly, what did Yeshua do?

Show #043 – Yom Teruah

The guys talk about Yom Teruah. Some basics and interesting history come up. Then they move to Jonathan Cahn’s new book. Is there any truth to Cahn’s idea of the Shmita year? Does Cahn make good points? Is judgement coming on America? The guys rap up their time by talking about a blog post that...

Show #042 – One Torah

The guys talk, once again, about One Torah theology. There has been alot said recently about One Torah, many people are saying that such a theology is not Biblically founded. Rob & Caleb take these claims head on, and look to the Word to see what it says. Also, can the Torah be broken up...

Show #041 – The English Bible

The guys take a week off, and we dig into the RCShow vault to find a history show by Caleb. Caleb looks at the formation of the English Bible, and the formation of the first three Sola’s.

Show #040 – Recap

The guys talk about TR Institute’s family camp, and Caleb’s visit to the Independent Messianic Conference. They also recap the summer conferences they have been at. Then they discuss Matthew 23:5ff, and the words Rabbi, Father and leader. Rob takes us on a journey through good VS bad scholarship and some of the claims that...

Show #038 – Hebrew or Greek?

The age old debate rages its ugly head again. Were the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament), and more specifically the synoptic Gospels written in Hebrew or Greek? Or even Aramaic? Isn’t there tons of references by the early church fathers about a Hebrew Matthew, and a Hebrew Gospel written by Matthew? Doesn’t this prove that at...

Show #037 – C.S. Lewis

Almost every week the guys talk about their good friend Adam Smith. This week they invite Adam on the show to talk about C. S. Lewis. Adam has been doing some personal study to try and get a better handle on what C. S Lewis believed and what his theology was. Although many people quote...

Show #036 – Interview with Skip Moen

The guys welcome Dr. Skip Moen onto the show to clear up some questions about his theology. Several shows ago the we looked at a blog post by Skip that raised some questions about Dr. Moen’s understanding of Sola Scriptura, the virgin birth, but perhaps most importantly, Yeshua’s atoning work on the cross. Listen in...

Show #035 – John 3

The guys discuss John 3. Was Yeshua speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek to “the teacher” of Israel? The answer might surprise you. Then the guys switch directions and talk about the 39 Melachot (sabbath laws) in the Mishnah. Should these laws be followed by believers? Do we have any evidence that Yeshua kept or rejected...

Show #034 – Breaking Fellowship

The guys talk about unity within the Messianic movement. Should we strive for unity with those we disagree with theologically? How far off base does a person have to be before we say I can’t fellowship with you? Later in the show the guys talk about the Hebrew Language. Is it a “holy” language? Or...

Show #033 – The Harbinger

The guys talk about some email they’ve received, and chat about some of the criticism they have received online. In the second half of the show, they look at Jonathan Cahn and his book “The Harbinger”.

Show #032 – Moen

We look at an email that was sent from one of our friends and listeners. This listener leads us to a website where we look at a post by Skip Moen. In this post Moen interacts with a track that was given to him, and responds to its five points. Is Dr. Moen on the...