Fellow Heirs

Fellow Heirs is an investigation of the Scriptures in order to answer the question of “belonging.” If the King has proclaimed a Festival, who is on His guest list? Who has the legitimate right to join the journey and find his place at the banquet table of the King? Is the Festival just for descendants of Jacob, Israel—or are others invited too? And if others are invited, do they come as guests or as family? Will there be two tables or one?</p> <p>The clear answer from God’s Word is that there is one people and one table. Everyone the King invites is family, and should be treated as family. That means that the mass of people, even though distinguished by a clear diversity of personal characteristics and heritage, have a singular identity as the children of the King. I hope to show from the words of Scripture that this is true. And in doing so, to give a solid foundation for our “belonging.” It is when we understand who we are within the family of God that we are both enabled and emboldened to live in accordance with our identity as God’s children and the embrace the Torah, not as belonging to someone else, but as the King’s gift to all of His children.

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