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The Yearly Festivals

The pages in this section are excerpts about the Yearly Festivals which are taken from the book Introduction to Torah Living, by Tim Hegg. The Yearly Festivals are listed in Leviticus 23 and expounded upon in various passages in Numbers and Deuteronomy. For each Festival, Hegg discusses the initial Biblical commandment and then explains the history and traditions related to them. Hegg begins this section by briefly explaining the Hebrew Calendar and then demonstrating how all of the Festivals fit together following the pattern of a wedding.

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An Overview:

The Hebrew Calendar

The Mo’dim: A Picture of the Divine Wedding


The Festivals:

Pesach – “Passover”

Shavuot – “Weeks” (a.k.a. Pentecost)

Yom T’ruah – “Day of Blowing Trumpets”

Yom Kippur – “Day of Atonement”

Sukkot – “Tabernacles”

Shemini Atzeret – “The Eighth Day”


Readings, Commentary & Other Resources

For each of the Festivals a special Torah, Haftarah, and Apostolic Scripture passage has been assigned to be read in the synagogue whether they fall on a Sabbath or during the week. For a list of the Festivals with their Hebrew dates and designated reading passages, commentary, and other resources click on the link below:

Festival Readings