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The holiday season is here. That means spending time with friends and family. Many times the same ten persistent questions keep coming up. This year be prepared! Receive Tim Hegg's book Why We Keep Torah: Ten Persistent Questions in PDF format, totally FREE! All you have to do is sign up to receive emails from TorahResource, and we'll send you this PDF totally free. No gimmicks, no strings attached. We don't share or sell information.

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Passive or Imperative? 'Qere' in Jewish and Aramaic and the Masorah

by Rob Vanhoff


Now available to watch! Rob Vanhoff's presentation at the 2016 Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting, Masoretic Studies section 2016 in San Antonio TX. In this presentation Rob gives a much more technical lecture on the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible.

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Registration for our Winter quarter is now open. Classes begin January 3rd so its time to decide which classes you want to take at TorahResource Institute, and there are plenty to choose from. Current students can Click Here to see a full list of classes. If you have never taken a class with us and would like to learn more about taking classes, or if you would like to fill out an application to become a student at TorahResource Institute, Click Here to learn more!

Now Available to Watch

Tim Hegg's Lecture at the SBL


At this years Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Antonio, TX, Tim Hegg presented a paper in the Masorah section entitled: Genesis 18:22 & the Tiqqune Sopherim: Textual, Midrashic, and for What Purpose?

This paper is rather technical and looks at the notes of the scribes. More specifically, Hegg challenges his listener's understanding of the "Teqqune Sopherim" or emendation of the Scribes in Genesis 18:22. To watch this lecture Click Here

Back Home

We're Back and Thankful!


Our staff is back home from their travels to San Antonio, TX for the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) conferences. We were truly blessed to be able to attend these conferences this year. As always, these meetings are a firehose of information and knowledge, as well as a time to meet and interact with the world's leading scholars.


San Antonio Update (3)

What a Blessing!


(Photo: Some of our staff with Dr. Chris Tilling and TorahResource Institute student Dennis Pfabe)

Our staff has had a wonderful time at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). Our entire full time staff has been able to attend the SBL this year.

Tim Hegg was able to present a paper on Sunday morning in the Masorah section. This paper was well received and Tim was relaxed and easy to follow.