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“Preparing For Passover”

A Live Video Series on Facebook!

Join us Thursday, March 16th at 1:00pm (PST) for a live video presentation! This live Facebook video stream will focus on Passover: what it is, what it means, and how we can prepare and get ready for it. The video can be seen live or anytime after the broadcast airs on our Facebook Page. Watching the video live will allow viewers to interact by asking questions or comments. This is the first live video in the “Preparing for Passover” series that we will present over the next few weeks. Be sure to send us your questions about Passover and the traditions associated with it.

Catch the live stream or watch it on your own time on our Facebook Page (Click Here)

Class Added to Spring Quarter!

We are happy to announce we have added a class by Ariel Berkowitz, The History of Christianity Part 1, in the upcoming Spring Quarter. In this class Berkowitz covers the time from Yeshua's ascension to the prelude to the Reformation. Berkowitz's love of history and his wonderful gift as a story teller makes this class an exciting journey through the fascinating world of Church History.

To register for this class click here.

Movies in the Library!

We are currently working on getting videos of some of our lectures in the library. Those who have a Library Membership will be able to watch these videos right from our site. There have already been some added, and we will be working to get more up. If you have a Library Membership, you might be interested to see our newest teaching, The Book of Immanuel by Ariel Berkowitz. It is now in the Library and ready to watch. Click Here to go to the page!

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Thanks for the Help!

We knew there would be some broken links in our new Online Library and we appreciate your help as you discover these errors and then report them to us. This website is an ongoing project and Michael and Caleb are trying to upload, program, and organize the vast amount of educational content produced by TorahResource as expediently and efficiently as they can. We are truly thankful for your patience, your help, and your prayers!

Praise & Needs Updated

Our praise and needs page is a way to keep our supporters informed and to let people know how they can pray for us. We continue to be blessed by God's grace and by those who have supported us through their prayers. We hope you will take a moment to look at our latest updates. Click Here to Visit Page

New in the TorahResource Library

Through Romans with Tim Hegg

Tim Hegg's two volume commentary on the book of Romans (PDF), along with 99 audio lectures (MP3's) have just been added to the TorahResource Books & Teaching section. Those who have a TorahResource Library Membership can view and listen to this great resource anytime! Library Members can also download these PDF's and Audio lectures to their personal devices so they can study and listen on the go.

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