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Free* Mini-Courses are offered in the Summer and Winter in order to give prospective students the opportunity to experience an online class at TorahResoure Institute for FREE*. These Mini-Courses, usually comprising one or two class sessions, are complete courses that use the same class interface as the full, quarter-long courses offered at TorahResource Institute.

2016 Summer Interim:

The Calendar: A Survey of Its History, Controversy and Observance (901Cal)

Date:  August 8-15, 2016
Instructor: Tim Hegg & Rob Vanhoff
Description: A disciple of Yeshua might ask, "What calendar did Messiah observe, and how can I follow it today?” With the rise of the internet and sloppy scholarship, many voices clamor for the attention of truth seekers, each peddling a different solution. “The Calendar” Mini-Course will give students a proper and healthy orientation with respect to the issues involved with biblical time-keeping in our Temple-less, diaspora day and age. The course will consist of audio lectures, reading assignments, forum participation, and a final exam.

* A $5.00 Administration Fee will be charged at time of online registration.