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The Books & Teachings section of the TorahResource Online Library is, for the most part, the ENTIRE product offering of TorahResource. In this section you will find downloadable books (PDF) and audio (MP3) teachings. Click on a product below to access the downloadable files. You must be a member in order to access these files, however, most products have one FREE teaching as a sample for non-members.

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A Study Through 1Peter with Tim Hegg
A Study Through 2Peter with Tim Hegg
An Assessment of the Divine Invitation
Avoiding Junk Scholarship

Biblical Backgrounds
Building Personal Relationships in Torah Communities
Children's Stories
Commentary on The Book of Hebrews

Cry of the Soul - Devotional
Hebrew Versions - Devotional
Saved by His Life - Devotional
Foundations: Building Torah Communities Founded on Yeshua

The Great Commission
Having a Biblical Worldview
The Heavenly Priesthood of Yeshua
How We Got Our Bible

I Will Build My Ekklesia - An Introduction to Ecclesiology
Identity & One Torah
Interpreting Biblical Prophecy
Interpreting Daniel's Prophecy

Interpreting the Bible: An Introduction To Hermeneutics
Understanding Differing Worldviews: An Introduction to Philosophy
The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation: An Introduction to Soteriology

The Masorah of the Hebrew Bible: An Introduction to the Masorah
God's Self-Revelation: A Course in Theology Proper
Introduction To Torah Living
Knowing Our Identity In Messiah

Law VS Grace
Life Made New in Messiah
Commentary on the Book of Matthew
Messiah in the Tanach

Mishlei (Proverbs)
The Nature and Function of Torah
One New Man
Praying with the Siddur

Rabbinic Literature: God's Authority or Man's Tradition
The Role of Women in the Messianic Assembly
The Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness
Studies in Early Judaism

Studies in Exodus
Studies in Isaiah
Studies in John
Studies in Proverbs

Studies in Zechariah
Studies in Galatians
Teaching and Reading The Amidah
Why We Keep Torah: Ten Persistent Questions

The Book of Immanuel
The Deity of Yeshua
The Exodus Gospel
The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology

The Nature and Function of Torah
The New Covenant: God's Promise Fulfilled
The Rob & Caleb Show
Through Romans with Tim Hegg

Trees Planted by Streams of Water
What God Has Joined Together
What Version of the Apostolic Scriptures Should I Read?
Wisdom for Families

“Works of the Law“ in Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Letter Writer: Paul's Background and Torah Perspective 
Fellow Heirs