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Our Mission: To provide Torah Communities with biblically based materials and leadership training.

Torah Communities
A Torah Community may be defined as a community of people who are believers in Yeshua and who desire to live out their faith in accordance with the Torah (Five books of Moses) as taught and demonstrated by Yeshua.

Biblically based
We accept the Scriptures, both the Tanach and the Apostolic Scriptures, as the sole basis for faith and halachah (practice). It is our purpose, then, to see that the materials we produce are in harmony with what the Bible teaches.

Leadership training
We provide academic training in biblical and related studies through TorahResource Institute. Classes are offered at the graduate and post-graduate level

Some of our Fundamental Principles

We take all the Scriptures (the 66 books of the Tanach & Apostolic Scriptures) to be the inspired word of God which is therefore endowed with divine authority.

We affirm without reservation that Yeshua is Immanuel, "God with us," and that being the promised Messiah, He is worthy of our worship as the eternal, uncreated Son of God.

We consider the Torah to be the gift of God to all His children (Jew and non-Jew alike), being God's eternal and unchanging revelation and instructions in righteousness.

We labor in producing materials and teaching classes (through TorahResource Institute) in order to help Torah Communities become established and well-founded in following the footsteps of Yeshua our Messiah.

TorahResource Institute provides full academic programs for online learning and training.
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