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Feb 2008 Essay: Faithfulness – A Few Thoughts - Tim Hegg
June 2008 Essay: "Your Word Stands Firm In Heaven" - Tim Hegg
July 2008 Essay: "Shifting Sands" - Tim Hegg
Sept/Oct 2008 Essay: "Thoughts on Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah" - Tim Hegg
Feb 2009 Essay: What Is Not Changing at TorahResource - Tim Hegg
Mar 2009 Essay: The Battle for the Bible: Are the Inspired Scriptures Enough? - Tim Hegg
April 2009 Essay: What are We to Learn from Judas Iscariot? - Tim Hegg
May 2009 Projects in Progress
June 2009

An Important Communication from the Director
Essay: Are the Scriptures Alone Our Sure Foundation or Do We Need Something More? A Growing Crisis in the Messianic Movement - Tim Hegg

Sept 2009

Essay: "So Great a Salvation": The Holiness of God • Preparing to Hear the Shofar - Tim Hegg

Essay: A Response to FFOZ's "Recent Theological Shifts at FFOZ" - Tim Hegg

Nov 2009 Essay: “Thanksgiving and the Hebrew verb Yadah - Tim Hegg
Dec 2009 Report from the annual ETS and SBL meetings
Mar 2010 Essay: Gentiles & Passover
April 2010 Excerpts from The Galatians Commentary by Tim Hegg
May 2010 Essay: Shavuot, the Torah & the Arrabon of the Ruach
June 2010 Essay: What's in a Name? Thoughts on "One Law"
July 2010 Essay: "Hearing & Receiving" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 1
Aug 2010 Essay: "A Tale of Two Proclivities" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 2
Sept 2010 Essay: "Soul Proprietor" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 3
Oct 2010 Essay: "God and Mammon" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 4

Essay: "Is 'Obligation' the Wrong Word" by Tim Hegg

Nov 2010 Essay: "Unity in Messiah Yeshua" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 5
Dec 2010 Essay: "Do Diligence" - Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 6

Essay: "Don't Give Up" by Tim Hegg

Jan 2011

Essay: "Speaking of Talking" – Studies on the Shema by Rob Vanhoff, Pt. 7

Essay: "19th Century Messianic Jewish Sages in Context" by Rob Vanhoff

Feb 2011 Essay: "The End of the Law for Rabbi Lichtenstein: An Early Messianic Jewish Interpretation of Romans 10:4" by Rob Vanhoff

Essay: Am I Serious? by Tim Hegg

Mar 2011 Essay: Thoughts from the Director: "For Such a Time as This" - Tim Hegg
April 2011
Announcing TorahResource Institute
May 2011 Pictures from the Asia Pacific Messianic Conference
June 2011 Essay: Thoughts on L'Dor v'Dor (from generation to generation) - Tim Hegg
July 2011 Update on TRI
Aug 2011 TR Seminar in South Florida, August 26–28
Sept 2011 TRI Update
Oct 2011 Essay: "Qohelet and the Time of Our Rejoicing" - Tim Hegg
Nov 2011 Essay: The Hope of the Gospel - Tim Hegg
Dec 2011 Essay: Hanukkah Means Dedication: Holding on to Truth in an Age of Change - Tim Hegg
Jan 2012 New Products; TorahResource Institute Update
Feb 2012 New Products (Interpreting Daniel's Prophecy; Matthew Commentary, Vol. 4)
Mar 2012 Essay: Remembering, Forgetting, and the Message of Purim - Tim Hegg
April 2012 Announcing The Dead Sea Scrolls Conference – Sept 2, 2012 with Dr. Peter Flint & Dr. Marty Abegg
May 2012 Essay: The "Personhood" of the Ruach HaKodesh - Tim Hegg
June/July 2012 Announcement: Rob Vanhoff to join TR Institute Faculty in a full-time capacity!
August 2012 (No Newsletter this month)
Sept 2012 Essay: Comfort One Another with These Words – Tim Hegg
Oct 2012 Essay: Circumcision in the 2nd Temple Period, Part 1 – Vanhoff
Nov 2012 Essay: Circumcision in the 2nd Temple Period, Part 2 – Vanhoff
Dec 2012 Essay: “‘Welcome Home’ or ‘Thanks for Visiting’? – Living as God’s Household before a Watching World”
Jan 2013  
Feb 2013  
Mar 2013 Book Review: Torah Rediscovered – Ariel & D'vorah Berkowitz [Reviewed by Rob Vanhoff]
April 2013 Book Review: Son of David – Stuart Dauermann [Reviewed by Tim Hegg]
May 2013 Essay: “Shavuot, the Torah, & the Arabbon of the Ruach” – Tim Hegg
June 2013 Essay: “‘Sola Scriptura’ – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means!” - Tim Hegg
July 2013 Essay: “‘The Faith-Gap’ App” – Rob Vanhoff
August 2013 Essay: “‘The Faith-Gap’ App - Part 2” – Rob Vanhoff
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